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Posted February 27th, 2020  /  Ends March 31st, 2020

Contemporary Jewelry Gallery seeks paid intern

Heidi Lowe Gallery is hiring an intern to help work at the bench and in the classroom. We are looking to incorporate a motivated and knowledgeable person who wants to grow within an expanding creative business. Applicants need to possess basic metalsmithing skills. This job includes working in the studio and assisting with group classes. It is also imperative that the applicants are very personable and trustworthy; having a good grasp on the history of jewelry is also a plus. The internship will include making jewelry, working with customers, as well as the behind the scenes aspects of operating a gallery, such as organizing openings, e-commerce and marketing, and helping with display. HLG consists of a small but mighty crew and it is expected that everyone is knowledgeable about exhibitions, artists, and everyday gallery operations so that you can always jump in and help customers.

Opportunity could start as early as April 15th or as later as May 31st