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Posted July 18th, 2020  /  Ends November 15th, 2020

BEAUX ARTS: A celebration of the Sculptural form in Metal

Vancouver Metal Arts Association in partnership with the Italian Cultural Centre Gallery will host a juried metal arts group exhibition for April of 2021. The year 2021 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Charles Marega (1871-1939) the Italian Canadian Sculptor who created the lions on Vancouver’s Lion’s Gate Bridge, among many other significant BC sculptural landmarks. In celebration of Marega’s significant legacy the Vancouver Metal Arts Association and the ICC Gallery are seeking metal artists who are willing to explore (figuratively and literally) the stylistic theme of Beaux Arts. Beaux arts strive to merge classical forms with non-traditional use of materials, methods and technologies. In essence, this exhibition seeks metal artists who are willing to bridge, and meld, the world of the traditional with the new and innovative. The career of Charles Marega is characterized by his devotion to this artistic practice and perspective.