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Posted March 3rd, 2021  /  Ends July 1st, 2021

Mementos: Cold Connections Workshop with Luci Jockel

Dates: July 23-27 (in-person)
Instructor: Luci Jockel

Transform found objects into wearable mementos. Mementos are cherished objects that are kept as a reminder of a loved one or a souvenir of an event. Using cold connection techniques, such as tab and bezel setting, rivets, and simple wire wrapping, you will set found materials and objects onto your own handmade ring band or pendant. Other techniques covered will be soldering, forming, and sanding/polishing. We will briefly cover the history of memento mori and mourning jewelry in this workshop. Everyone will walk away wearing nontraditional, intimate handmade jewelry. Beginner and Beyond

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