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Posted May 27th, 2021  /  Ends June 26th, 2021

Virtual Workshop - June 2021 - SAORI WOVEN JEWELRY Brandy Godsil

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Brandy Godsil

June 26, 2021
4:00-6:30p.m. ET

Tuition: $90

The workshop will demonstrate how to make small looms using accessible materials, such as cardboard or paper plates and how to dress the loom by creating a warp. Then participants will be shown how to weave on their new looms using a variety of materials, such as yarn, ribbons, embroidery threads, fabric scraps, or string. The weavers will be encouraged to be experimental in their weaving process and embrace the SAORI philosophy of free-style weaving. Intuition and creativity are embraced in the SAORI method. Weavers will then learn how to cast off their weavings and to attach them onto jewelry findings, which can include earring hooks, blank rings, bracelet cuffs, and strings/ribbons for necklaces.

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