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Posted September 15th, 2021  /  Ends January 13th, 2022

Connexions Exhibiiton

Emily Beckley, Fatemeh Boroujeni, Eden Lennox, Sultana Shamshi, Melissa Cameron, Blandine Halle

With a mission to show the complexity and diversity of Australian jewellery talent to audiences outside this country, Connexions invited artists from a range of cultural backgrounds to share their works. On display are new pieces by Emily Beckley – Indigenous artist from Horn Island in the Torres Strait; Fatemeh Boroujeni – an ethnic Bakhtiari who was born in Iran; Eden Lennox – Perth artist with Jewish, Irish, French, and Australian ancestry; Sultana Shamshi – born in Bombay, India, has lived Europe, Southeast Asia and for a long time Perth; Melissa Cameron – former immigrant to the USA, recently returned; and Blandine Halle? – born in France, lives in Perth and Paris.

Connexions will be shown in full at the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial in Perth.

See the nuanced and diverse works we have created, highlighting the depth and richness of cultural influence, and talent, in this place.