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Critical Craft Forum: Gender & Jewelry

Call for Papers
Deadline August 30, 2016

“Critical Craft Forum: Gender and Jewelry”
Chairs: Namita Gupta Wiggers, Critical Craft Forum and Benjamin Lignel, Art Jewelry Forum

Critical Craft ForumDespite the connection between jewelry and the body, significant critical analysis of the relationship between gender and adornment – particularly of contemporary art jewelry – is nascent at best. Critical Craft Forum is seeking papers that explore connections between this subject and forms of adornment, ornament, and art jewelry.

Submit 250-300 words on one specific question or issue about gender and jewelry in your research or art practice.

Selected panelists (six) will be invited to participate in online private and public discussions preceding the College Art Association (CAA) conference (February 15-18, 2017, New York, NY) via Art Jewelry Forum and Critical Craft Forum.

At the CAA conference, panelists will each present a brief, focused eight-minute paper, to be followed by a workshop/discussion among panelists and attendees, to be led by Lignel and Wiggers. Session is scheduled for February 16, 2017.

The goals: to identify and work collaboratively with researchers and artists exploring the relationship between gender and jewelry; to work collectively prior to the panel to build a core group with shared interests; to publicly share individual research investigations in the CAA session; and to use the broader collective group of attendees gathered for the session to further questions, thinking and concerns to expand critical frameworks for further study. Collective project work for this session with panelists and panel attendees will be acknowledged and explored in a forthcoming publication – the first to critically examine gender and art jewelry – currently being researched by Lignel and Wiggers.