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Call for Entries: 2016 Student Exhibition & Digital Presentation

SNAGneXt-featureCalling all Students & Faculty!

2016 Juried Student Exhibition: Into View

This exhibition will highlight a range of student work from colleges and universities across North America. Into View aims to be inclusive of traditional and non-traditional ways of working, showcasing the breadth of work by the next generation of makers in the metalsmithing and jewelry field. Learn more
Deadline: February 11, 2016

2016 Digital Presentation of Student Work: Faces of Change

This presentation represents the talent, creativity, and hard work of students. We are seeking powerful and inspirational images from students pursuing certificates, associates, bachelors and masters degrees. All submissions for this presentation must come from faculty, not from the individual students. Learn more
Deadline: February 11, 2016

Both will be presented at SNAGneXt, to be held in Asheville, NC, May 18-21, 2016. Learn more

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Collaboration, Calibration and Cooperation

by Matt Lambert and Louise Perrone

A random Instagram post, a comment in passing and the rest is yet to come.

SNAGneXt-featureAfter meeting several years ago in an elevator at a SNAG conference (no words were spoken but Matt still remembers Louise’s necklace) many social media interactions have passed and we have fallen into what could be called an intellectual collaboration. We are interested in what happens around the making of objects and the many invisible steps it takes to bring a piece from an initial idea to its presentation in a gallery.

Now we find ourselves as the contingency from SNAG coordinating the Exhibition in Motion 2016, to take place in Asheville, North Carolina during SNAGneXt. We are collaborating with Vicki Bennett from Local Cloth, a North Carolina based fiber guild dedicated to sourcing and using local material. When we were asked to take on this project some of the planning had already occurred. A relationship had already been established between SNAG and Local Cloth, and the title for the Exhibition in Motion — “Fashioning Intersections” — had been decided on.

Matt LambertOne of the reasons that we agreed to get involved with this project was because, between the two of us, we had seen or participated in multiple Exhibition in Motions. We had always left wanting more — more history, more time with the work and just more when it comes to size! Louise was in the audience at the 2015 Exhibition in Motion. Standing behind the Grande Dame of large-scale jewelry, Marjorie Schick, as pieces as small as 6 inches (6 inches!) were presented on the runway. It was clearly time make a change. One of the exciting things about the SNAG board and staff is that they take criticism seriously and welcome input — especially from people who are prepared to work for the change they want to see.

louise_perroneOur goal is to give makers of large objects a platform to show their work and to push those who do not typically make on a large scale to give it a try. As jewelers our focus often becomes so tight that we are in danger of getting lost in technique and the quiet subtle moments. We often focus in on fine details, turning a piece over to look at the pinback, running our fingers around edges to feel the quality of the finish, looking at tiny inclusions in a stone. These moments are very powerful, and yes we should get lost in them. But on a runway, we need to change how we look at a piece. How does it move with the body? How does it alter the posture of the wearer? How does the wearer interact with the jewelry? In this scenario the viewer needs to be able to see the work from a distance. Tiny details become irrelevant.

We are not saying we are opposed to the small intimate moments that jewelry offers. The spectrum of quiet to wild is one of the elements that make jewelry so powerful; it holds the ability to infiltrate on many levels. This is the opportunity for big, kinetic, interactive work to be showcased.

SNAG has teamed up with Local Cloth to make collaborative pieces of at least two makers. Some are neighbors and oceans separate others. How the makers develop their work is their own choice. Participants will be given several benchmarks to make and the rest is up to them. Leading up to the 2016 Exhibition in Motion we will be showing the process of collaboration with makers from Local Cloth. Sketches, samples, disasters and successes will be shared across SNAG’s social media platforms. In the end all work made will be shown at the Exhibition in Motion but only the big, the brave and the bold will hit the runway. #EIM2016 #snagmember #snagnextAVL

SNAG would like to take this opportunity to recognize our Corporate Members for their support: Aaron Faber Gallery, Halstead, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, and Pocosin Arts.

AaronFaber_sm Halstead
Jewelers_Mutual POCOSIN_logo_120615

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Call for Entries: 2016 Exhibition in Motion

Exhibition in Motion
Xchange: Fashioning Intersections
May 21, 2016, 8:00-9:00 pm
The Renaissance Hotel Grand Ballroom, Asheville, NC

2015 Boston EiM group

SNAG will be traveling to Asheville, NC for the May 2016 (May 18-21) conference event, SNAGneXt: Asheville 2016 –  An Interchange and Exchange on the Many Facets of Making a Living in the Field.

A 15-year tradition at these annual events is the fundraiser Exhibition in Motion (EiM), a live fashion show and fundraising event featuring models wearing cutting edge jewelry. SNAG is pleased to produce the 2016 EiM in partnership with local Asheville fiber group Local Cloth.

For the 2016 EiM event, we are looking for large-scale collaborative wearable objects and looks. Application deadline extended to midnight PST on November 2, 2015.

Read more and apply here

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Announcing SNAGneXt

SNAGneXt logoSNAG is thrilled to announce a new experience called SNAGneXt! It is a new way to get together, learn and broaden our horizons.  Starting in 2016, SNAG will be hosting our first SNAGneXt, which will be held in Asheville, NC from May 19-21, 2016.

Learn more