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Phoenix 2012 Conference Thank Yous

We would like to thank everyone who generously gave their time, energy, and support to the conference and the exhibition planning and production. If we inadvertently missed someone, we apologize and please
contact Ellen Laing <> so we can correct our oversight.

SNAG appreciates the work of every volunteer who helped out in any way with the conference, including those who worked onsite during the conference and those who worked behind the scenes planning each event. We couldn’t do it without them!

Conference Corporate Sponsor: Rio Grande
Conference Host:  Arizona Designer Craftsmen
Conference Co-chairs:  Becky McDonah, Tedd McDonah, Lynette Andreasen

Book Signing: Elyse Bogart
Conference Support:  Heather Magill, Scott Andreasen, Mona Nigohossian
Conference Tote Bag:  Ingrid Donaldson (Coordinator), Becky & Tedd McDonah, Katie Poterala, Michelle Startzman, May Kalcza, Leon Nash, Megan Sottile, Amanda Scheutzow, Sarah Truett, Nikki Olive, Alex Hobbs, Bill Donaldson
Conference Volunteer Coordinator:  Michelle Sotolongo
Education Dialogue:  Victoria Altepeter (Chair), Wing-Ki Chan, Rebecca Scheer
Education Resource Room & Portfolio Review:  Calina “Callie” Shevlin (Coordinator), Anne Mondro, John Rais
Exhibitions Committee:  Danielle Embry (Chair), Maureen Brusa-Zappellini, Charity Hall
Exhibition in Motion:  Joe Churchman (Coordinator), Michelle Pajak-Reynolds, Michael Dale Bernard
Graphic Designer: Melissa McGurgan
Lifetime Achievement Award: Beth Ann Gerstein (Chair), Mary Lee Hu, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray
Pin Swap Pool Party, Student Mixer, & Final Night Dinner Dance: Katie Poterala (Chair), Michelle Startzman, Leon Nash, Mary Klacza
Photographer:  Jewel Clark
Professional Development Seminar:  Harriete Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman and Brigitte Martin (Co-Coordinators), Charleen Weidell, Michael Dale Bernard
Room Shares:  Cate Yoder
A Smaller Conference Experience (Discussion and Speed Friending): Harriete Estel Berman, Brigitte Martin, Rachel Shimpock
Auction & Raffle for SNAG’s Educational Endowment:  Lynn Cool, Bryan Petersen (Co-Coordinators), Betsy Douglas, Donna Lewis
SNAG Board Liaisons: Eliana Arenas (Member Services Table), Karen Lorene (Lifetime Achievement Award), Anne Mondro (Conference Planning, Education Dialogue, Conference Volunteering), John Rais (SNAG Juried Student Exhibition, SNAG Student Presentation, Education Resource Room, Portfolio Review), Marlene True (SNAG Silent Auction, Live Auction, Raffle)
SNAG Juried Student Exhibition: Michael Parrett (Coordinator), French Thompson, Lynn Cool
SNAG Student Presentation: Michael Parrett, Molly Douglass (Co-Coordinators)
SNAG TV / Conference Emcee: Michael Dale Bernard
Speaker Advisory Committee: Kristin Beeler (Chair), Jill Baker Gower, Lauren McAdams
Student Scholarships:  Michelle Pajak-Reynolds (Coordinator)
Trunk Show Sale: Natalie O’Neal, Andrew Kuebeck (Co-Coordinators)

Meetings a la Carte:  Kate Lichter, Shefali Kubavat, Sara Martinez

Nominations and Elections: Mary Hallam Pearse, Courtney Starrett, Kristi Kloss

SNAG Office: Tara Jecklin, Ellen Laing, Dana Singer

Conference Program Book: Jean Savarese, Melissa McGurgan